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Turkish FoodEspecially in the western components of Turkey, where olive bushes grow abundantly, olive oil is the most important type of oil used for cooking. three The cuisines of the Aegean , Marmara and Mediterranean areas are rich in greens, herbs, and fish. Central Anatolia has many well-known specialties, similar to keşkek , mantı (particularly from Kayseri ) and gözleme Dishes straight cognate with mantı are found additionally in Chinese ( mantou ) and Korean cuisine ( mandu ).

The variation of Turkish meals from area to area is as a result of a various weather, way of life as a consequence of geographic location and ancestry. Turkey is composed of individuals from completely different ancestries who keep on their food traditions for centuries permitting a wide range of meals to be served in Turkey. Thanks to the diverse weather, numerous sorts of crops grow in Turkey enabling a rich cuisine … Read more