Starting Your Own Private Catering Business

Currently the unemployment rate is rather low, this means that many people aren’t looking for traditional jobs in the open labor market. This also means that employers can afford to offer salaries on the lower end of acceptable ranges because they are probably close to being fully staffed already. In situations like this, many entrepreneurs find that is the perfect time to start their own small businesses. One opportunity is a private event catering moraga ca. This opportunity provides a chance for a creative businessman to develop a catering service that serves the large audience of businesses that need his services. It just takes a little bit of planning.

Will It Be On-Site/Off-Site or Both?

When people typically think of catering facilities, they frequently think of caterers that host wedding receptions and large business events. These are on-site facilities. They definitely have significant income potential, but they require a large investment. The owner is going to have to set aside money to purchase or rent a facility that is large enough to have a large kitchen area and dining area as well. Other considerations are the upkeep for the utilities in the building to provide a high-quality experience.

In a facility that focuses on off-site catering, the need for space for a dining area is eliminated. You also will be able to reduce the expenses on the number of restrooms and cost of lighting, therefore reducing your expenses overall. If you are starting out and feel that there are enough small businesses in the area to take advantage of your off-site catering, you can always expand later.

If you are going to develop a catering business that offers on-site catering, don’t forget about off-site catering. Offer a monthly event for local businesses to come in and sample your food at reduced or for free. Offer promotional items with your company’s name and phone number on it. You might just be surprised by how picking up a couple off-site catering events a week can offset the expenses of your expenses when hosting in your facility.

Skills Needed In A Catering Business

The success of a catering facility depends on many factors. One of those key factors is the skills of the operator. Employees can be hired to cook, serve and bartend. The owner should be able to relate well to other people though. This will remove the need to hire a manager. The owner can fill the owner/manager role. Some other skills needed to fill that role include being organized, creative for marketing purposes, and a strong leader. If the owner has these skills, he can develop a team that supplements his skills and increases the chances of succeeding.

Have Fun With Catering

Catering is a job that can be a lot of fun. The more outgoing and friendly you are, the more business you can generate. A smile, complimenting your staff and customers and being willing to negotiate can help you succeed in the catering. private event catering moraga ca