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These 10 Countries Have the World’s Healthy Foods

With the availability of healthy food in a country, people will live healthy. Any country?

Healthy life is actually very easy to apply through the healthy food we consume every day. Healthy foods that contain balanced nutrition, fiber, and even substances needed by the body, should be presented as a daily menu. The goal is to build immunity and also support the growth process.

 Here are 10 countries that have healthy food that is claimed as the healthiest food in the world. :



Fish is the favorite menu of these citizens. Icelandic government regulations are even very strict on regulation and supply of fresh fish. Fatty acids the body needs such as omega-3 is very beneficial for the body. No wonder people in Iceland on average have a longer life until aged over 80 years.



Sushi turned out to be food that sits in the first rank as the healthiest food in the world. Fish meats like fresh salmon and tuna, rich in excellent DHA content to improve memory. But it takes expertise in processing these ingredients so that food remains healthy, clean and hygienic.



As many as 80 of Israel’s population has a habit of eating fruits and vegetables every day. Therefore, this country is listed as a country that has the lowest level of cholesterol sufferers in the world.



The uniqueness of this country lies in the habits of diet and healthy lifestyle that has become the culture of the citizens of Spain. In fact, they prefer local food rather than fast food.



British nutritionists say that people are now shifting from processed foods to fresh, directly-produced foods, such as vegetables rich in vitamin C and fiber. And also vegetables grown without pesticides so avoid all the chemicals contained in the pesticide. In addition, the British people also often consume tea drinks where this drink is also proven as one of the healthiest beverages for the body. Not just hoby, drinking tea has even become the culture of the people of this country every day.



Native caries of this country do not contain much cholesterol, but spices are believed to build immunity. The blend of spices and herbs contained in Indian food is believed to make the body’s metabolism to be healthy.



Kimchi derived from this country-based vegetables cabbage in fermented for months, even years, so it has its own properties to nourish the body. Not just kimchi, korean food is also famous for its ginseng mix. Proven this material can also make the health of human beings more healthy and fit, usually found in a mixture of typical Korean traditional drinks.



The majority of Italian food uses olive oil, so it contains lower cholesterol levels compared to other types of cooking oil. Pizza as a famous food in Italy also uses olive oil as one of the ingredients. Proven in addition to delicious, olive oil is also believed to increase the body’s metabolism if consumed regularly.



As a producer of healthy fermented milk, Sweden certainly has a pretty good diet, especially for the digestive system. One of the typical Swedish products is similar to yogurt that was called filmjolk. These foods contain more good bacteria that help boost the immune system. Sweden is also one of the countries where the level of milk consumption in the community is quite high.



Traditional Chinese food is more likely to contain vegetables, fruits and wheat which is rich in fiber and vitamins that are useful for the health of the body. In addition to the above 10 countries, does not mean other countries do not have healthy food.


Of course, in addition to eating the healthiest food in the world though, healthy life remains compulsory you balance with many activities, such as sports. A diet rich in nutrients should make your immune system stronger and you can continue to live healthy

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