Examples of Drinks for Breakfast from Various Countries

Drinks for breakfast in this world seem to be dominated by coffee, tea, chocolate, and orange juice. According to Andrew Dalby in his book The Breakfast Book, tea is the most popular for breakfast.

This plant, which originates from the mountains of southwest China, is the most consumed breakfast drink in Southeast Asia, Korea and Japan. It is also the breakfast drink of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and the Middle East. Not to forget the UK, which is synonymous with milk tea, also serves tea at breakfast.

Like food, drinks for breakfast in various countries are also unique and distinctive, here are some examples.


Cafe Reverse from Switzerland

This drink is the opposite of the French café au lait. If a café au lait is black coffee topped with a layer of hot milk, then a café renverse is hot milk topped with a little espresso.

Dou Jiang

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Examples of Food for Breakfast from Various Countries

As far as I know the breakfast menu in the world is dominate by foods in the form of rice, noodles, porridge, cereals, breads, cakes, dairy products, eggs and meat.

Each country has a different recipe, how to process, and how to present it, even though the ingredients used may be the same. Let’s look at some examples of breakfast menus from various countries.

Toast with Vegemite from Australia

Fresh bread is toast and then smeared with vegemite. When I first saw vegemite in the packaging, I thought it tasted similar to chocolate jam or Nutella, but it turned out to be much different. Vegemite tastes a bit bitter, salty, and has a taste of meat.

Rice and Miso Soup from Japan

Miso is make from fermented soybeans and is thick like jam. Miso soup itself is a mixture of miso and dashi, a broth made from dried seaweed, …

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