3 Delightful Dishes to Share

Life is full of occasions to celebrate. Perhaps there’s a party to commemorate a new baby or an upcoming wedding, or a traditional holiday is a few days away on the calendar. When you’re invited to or hosting the next big gettogether, make sure to bring a favorite recipe to share with your friends and family.

Before you start cooking, check to see that your equipment is in tiptop shape. If your preparation utensils are a little dull, kitchen knife sharpening Savannah GA can help. Once you’re ready to start creating a masterpiece, consider some of these tried and true classics as a base and incorporate your own special spin.

1. Salsa

Combine some tomatoes, onions, and peppers to begin. Add in chopped cilantro and other spices such as salt, cumin, or chili powder to suit your taste. The varieties salsa here are endless. Look online or in magazines for some trendy or traditional suggestions. 

2. Fruit Salad

This is a cool, refreshing, and healthy treat. Cut up watermelon, cantaloupe, and strawberries and put them together in a bowl. Add in whole blueberries and chill in the refrigerator overnight before serving. You can make a citrus salad with oranges and grapefruit as the star ingredients, too. Research what produce is in season and at its peak of tastiness to create an all-star dish.

3. Veggie Tray

These don’t have to be boring! Surround your favorite ranch dip, homemade or from your local store, on a tray with cut celery, carrots, cucumber, radishes, and more. Add in some more exotic items like jicama or snap peas to jazz it up. Your guests will be consuming a lot of vitamins and nutrients without even realizing it!

You don’t have to be a famous chef or spend a ton of money to create an appetizing dish that people will adore. You’ll fill up their tummies without emptying your wallet. It just takes a few ingredients, some basic knife skills, and your care and attention to make it all come together.