Home Bars and Their Design

Taking the decision to install a bar in a home should lead to a pleasurable experience that ultimately enhances home recreational life. But it isn’t all fun: apart from the number of design considerations to decide upon there are also practical issues to address. It should also be remembered that installing a full-sized bar in a home should enhance and add to its value but if it is done badly it can detract from it. Here are some of the issues to consider:


Every bar should have a theme, even if it is one of considered blandness. The theme should work with, and not against, the interior in which it is set. For example, placing a karaoke-themed bar with a proliferation of bright lights in a Victorian room decorated with antiques may not be the best choice.

The theme should reflect the taste of the homeowners and of course it is up to them to choose it. But it should be one that unites the project and pulls it together. For example it may be a 1960s themed bar. The overall design will fit with that period and will provide a showcase for retro-themed accessories and features or even genuine pieces from the period.

Practical issues

-ease of use A bar is pretty useless if it is not easy to use and gather around. After all, that’s it’s main function. Guests should be able to gather around it, sit at it and the host or whoever is in charge of dispensing drinks be able to do so easily.

– ice and other essentials One of the main necessities of any bar is the availability of ice, and plenty of it. Whether it comes from a freezer or dedicated ice maker doesn’t matter, but the bar needs to be able to house it.

– Utilities The bar design needs to take into account the need for enough power and electrical outlets and water supply as well as heating.

Storage – This is not simply a matter of enough shelf and cupboard space. If there are children in the home consideration will need to be given to keeping them safe by locking away and making inaccessible harmful alcohol and other bar essentials.

– structural issues Although a well-designed and built bar may be a permanent feature, careful consideration should be given to making any major structural alterations to accommodate the bar as they may need to be reversed in the future.


As a major feature of the home a bar should be of a quality that impresses as well as one that will last. A badly conceived and constructed bar will not do that. If ill-conceived and executed it can stand out as an unattractive and cumbersome annoyance.

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