Typical Food of the Indigenous People of South America, The Incas

The diet of the Incas, who were an indigenous people of South America who lived in what is now Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Chile, includes a wide variety of traditional dishes. Here are some examples of typical Inca food:

  • Quinoa: Quinoa is a popular grain worldwide and one of the basic foods of the Incas. They process quinoa into various dishes such as soups, porridge, or used as a base for bread and cakes.
  • Papa Rellena: Papa Rellena is a Peruvian dish consisting of boiled, ground potatoes and formed into balls. These potato balls are then filled with minced meat, onions, eggs, and spices and then fried until they are browned.
  • Ceviche: Ceviche is a dish of fresh fish or seafood preserved in lemon or lime juice. Inca ceviche often used sea fish, such as haddock or piranha, and was mixed with garlic, chili peppers, and cilantro.
  • Rocoto Relleno:
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