The Most Popular Canadian Food, here are the reviews

Neighboring the United States, Canada is known as a country with beautiful nature, maple syrup and hospitality. But other than that, this country that shares Niagara Falls with the United States has Canadian culinary specialties that are interesting to try. Canadian specialties consist of traditional foods and international foods.

Many people wonder what food is very popular in Canada? Some traditional Canadian foods are loved by many people making Canadian food a highlight. It may not be the food that brings Canadian tourists to visit, but it most likely is what brings them back to the country. This is a typical food from Canada that is interesting to try, see the list below!

Butter Tarts

Tart cake is a type of cake that many people like. Even this sweet treat tastes better when it’s baked to perfection and because it will have a crunchy top. This Canadian specialty is …

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