The Types of Wine you Should Know

Wine is an alcoholic beverage produced by fermenting grapes that are poured into oak barrels and given a leaven (commonly called yeast) to get the desired alcohol content. The components of wine consist of grapes, grape skins, grape seeds and grape stems.

Wine making goes through a long process from growing, fermenting, making, storing, and blending. Factors that affect the quality of wine are geographical location, soil type, weather, grapes, and how it is fermented. There are four types of wine, namely:

Sparkling Wine

Wine containing carbon dioxide is the result of the second stage of fermentation from yeast and sugar, so that if you open the bottle cap, foam will appear due to the release of sour gas. Therefore, the cork covering the bottle is tied with a coiled wire so that it does not explode due to the gas pressure from inside the bottle.

Champagne is the most …

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How to Create a Food Blog and Become a Food Blogger

Many agree that good food is one of the best “healing” ways. Sometimes, so in love with the appetizing taste, you are willing to spend time browsing websites or food blogs.

So, if you are a culinary lover, creating a food blog is a great idea to start doing business in the online world. You can become a food blogger, and turn your blog into a way to earn money from the internet.

How to Become a Food Blogger and Make Money

In short, these are the steps to create a food blog and become a food blogger:

Choose a Domain Name for your Blog

Before starting a food blog, you need to think of one of the main elements of a website: the name of the site itself. Most people will use the same domain name as their managed blog. Some websites try to rebrand, however, the process …

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