The Types of Wine you Should Know

Wine is an alcoholic beverage produced by fermenting grapes that are poured into oak barrels and given a leaven (commonly called yeast) to get the desired alcohol content. The components of wine consist of grapes, grape skins, grape seeds and grape stems.

Wine making goes through a long process from growing, fermenting, making, storing, and blending. Factors that affect the quality of wine are geographical location, soil type, weather, grapes, and how it is fermented. There are four types of wine, namely:

Sparkling Wine

Wine containing carbon dioxide is the result of the second stage of fermentation from yeast and sugar, so that if you open the bottle cap, foam will appear due to the release of sour gas. Therefore, the cork covering the bottle is tied with a coiled wire so that it does not explode due to the gas pressure from inside the bottle.

Champagne is the most famous type of sparkling wine and is produced only in the Champagne-Marne region of France. The Champagne brand is protected by French national law and only sparkling wine made from grapes grown and produced in the village of Champagne may be called and labeled Champagne.

Natural Still Wine

The material used in the manufacturing process is pure wine without variations or the addition of other substances. Included in the type of natural still wine are:

Red Wine. Produced from the fermentation process of red wine by including the skin and seeds of the grapes.

White Wine. Produced from the fermentation process of white wine without including the skin and seeds of grapes.

Rose Wine. Wine made from red grapes by including the grape skins in the fermentation process with a short period of time, between 2-3 hours before the grape skins are finally removed. The brief touch of the grape skin gives the rose wine a soft red color.

Dessert Wine. It is called that because it is often served with dessert. This wine uses white grapes that are very ripe so that they produce a sweet taste because they contain a lot of fermented residual sugar. Because of its sweet taste, dessert wine is also known as sweet wine.

Fortified Wine

Wine that contains a higher level of alcohol than regular wine. Fortified wine comes from natural still wine that has had its alcohol level raised by adding spirit or brandy to it.

Also known as aperitif wine because this type of wine is often drunk before meals. Fortified wine is also often used as a mixture in food recipes or for mixed cocktails. Sherry, Port and Madeira are types of fortified wines.

Aromatized Wine

Basically, it is a fortified wine that is added to the aroma of spices, herbs, flowers, or peeled fruit skin through a distillation or distillation process. Aromatized wines are also aperitif wines and these include Vermouth, Bitters and Anises.

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