Delicious Canadian specialties Teasing Your Taste

Canada, this mega-friendly country is not only famous for its education system and tourist attractions. Canada also has specialties that are worldwide.

As the second largest country in the world, Canada is home to hundreds of foods and traditions. From the westernmost coast of British Columbia to the east coast of New Brunswick, or the Prairies to the mountains, through the metropolis of Toronto. Canada has a variety of weather, languages, religions, politics and of course food!

Canada has a lot of special food menus that taste delicious. Even Canada is touted as home to hundreds of traditional foods. Wow, you can imagine how many choices of typical Canadian food. Come on, let’s just find out what menus are the mainstay in the second largest country in the world!


The most famous Canadian dish in the world is Poutine. Crispy French fries, melted cheese and rich sauce. Everything comes together to create the most mouth-watering meal.

Butter Tarts

Butter Tarts are a simple meal of incomparable pleasure. Using a pastry shell, then fill it with butter, sugar and egg filling. Butter Tarts are foods that will always make you want to taste again and again.


If you want fast food that is not complicated, then Bannock is the answer. Bannock is a flatbread that comes in a variety of shapes and toppings. You can eat it straight or add toppings.


This dish has different ingredients depending on the location. This meat pie is usually served with meat with cloves and cinnamon, then baked and pastries will coat it.

Montreal-style Bagels

Montreal Bagels are the most delicious food in Canada. Sweeter, denser and thinner than bagels in NYC. The dish is roasted in a wood fire oven, then covered with poppy seeds or sesame seeds.

Split Pea Soup

A comfort food when winter hits Canada is Split Pea Soup which is a dish made with peas, meat and spices. Mixing all the ingredients will result in pure delicacy and a soft texture.

Nanaimo Bars

Nanaimo Bar is a classic Canadian dessert, originating from the city of Nanaimo in British Columbia. Using ingredients such as coconut crust, soft yellow custard icing and chocolate ganache on top. This food is perfect for those of you who like sweet taste.

Bloody Caesars

A combination of tomato juice, vodka, clam juice and Worcestershire sauce with hot sauce. But miraculously, this drink is Canada’s national drink!


Canada doesn’t have donuts with holes, but it does have the most iconic food served with coffee, namely Timbit. This food is available in several flavors, such as original, chocolate, blueberry, strawberry, lemon and various fillings.

Montreal Smoked Meat

Montreal Smoked Meat is a heavenly combination of marinated beef with a variety of spices. After that this dish is steamed, until perfect. You can enjoy with rye bread and yellow mustard.