Flowers Can Be Cooked Into Scrumptious Meals and Wholesome

To make sure that the physique to always be healthful, now we have to eat nutritious meals. Thought of one in all them is greens. Whereas greens are sometimes synonymous with inexperienced leaves or fruit-shaped ones akin to eggplant and chayote, there are moreover greens inside the kind of flowers.

Flower-shaped greens akin to turi and onion flowers are even simple to hunt out spherical us. It doesn’t depend on the season, so it might be eaten any time. Delicious processed into stir fry, pecel, salad, and even vegetable coconut milk.

Listed under are some types of flowers which may be processed into delicious dishes.

Papaya flower

Although the model of papaya flowers is considerably bitter, many people truly like this flower. Papaya flowers might be processed into stir-fried dishes which might be so appetizing. Sauteed with papaya leaves, anchovies, shrimp or shrimp paste, papaya flowers will model rather more delicious.

Not all types of papaya flowers might be consumed. Papaya flowers that model nice on the tongue are hanging papaya flowers. The flowers are small, fairly a couple of, and sometimes dangle near the underside of the leaf stem.

Onion Flower

Onion flowers have a mode and aroma very similar to chives, nonetheless the stems are crispier. This one vegetable is rich in fiber, potassium, and iron. Good for diabetics and the middle too.

Onion flowers might be processed into very delicious dishes. Onion flowers might be processed into stir-fried dishes or coconut milk sauce and cooked with tempeh, tofu or fish.


Cauliflower aka cauliflower is a flower that is acquainted to us. Cauliflower has a delicious model and might be processed into stir-fried dishes, soupy dishes, fried or simply eaten as raw greens.


Broccoli might be included inside the greens inside the kind of flowers. Broccoli might be processed into delicious dishes and has a very spectacular dietary content material materials for the properly being of the physique.

This is the presentation of broccoli soup

Cooking elements
1/2 head of broccoli, minimize into 2
1/2 head of cauliflower, minimize into 2
1 medium potato, minimize into 4
1 carrot, minimize lengthwise
floor spices:
1 clove of garlic
2 Spring onions
1 tsp pepper
sufficient celery and spring onions
sufficient fried onions
in response to style sugar, salt
a bit seasoning (elective)

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