Plain Moonshine from Bananas

For home moonshining, it is rational to use products which are rather cheap. For example, apples, potato, beet, grain. However sometimes we can use exotic products. Why don’t you try to make banana-based moonshine? Experimenting with various ingredients is one of the pleasures of home distillation. Especially if you have proper moonshine distillation equipment

Homebrew from bananas

Below you can see the recipe – ferment without water, and after fermentation —allocate alburnum from the received puree. Similar difficulties exist with pears, pumpkins. Therefore in a general view, the instruction will look like this:

  • Peelbananas;
  • Mash them;
  • Addwater in ratio 1:1;
  • add sugar so that its content reaches 20 of the mash;
  • add yeastand

The simple recipe of alcohol from bananas guarantees 100 good result. You will get an original drink with  bright aroma and taste. Along with the distillation equipment you will need:

  • crude overripe bananas — 5 kg;
  • water — 45 liters;
  • sugar — 4 kg;
  • yeast — 500 grams.

Clean bananas and mash them. Add warm (+25 °C–+30 of °C) water. Mix yeast with warm (+30 °C) water and a spoon of sugar, after foaming add the mixture to the mash. Add 1 more mashed banana and keep the final product for several days.

It is possible to add top dressing for yeast — it will speed up the process of fermentation. Besides your mash may already contain sour-milk bacteria.

Pour the mixture in the bottle on 2/3 — quite rough foaming is expected. Mix the drink at least 2 times a day as “cap” (banana puree) will be formed on its surface. After the end of fermentation (define on taste: the drink has to be bitterish, without the taste of sugar) keep raw materials for the next 12 hours.

Then filter and distill the mash. Double distillation isn’t recommended as the banana aroma and peculiar taste may vanish.