Unique Pizza Variations from Around the World

Pizza is one of the most spreadable foods around the world. In its development, this original Italian food create with various types of toppings, fillings and even the recipe for the dough (pizza bread).

This adjustment is make base on the tongue and local wisdom of each country. In Other country, for example, pizza is make with thick and soft bread dough. There are even those who provide additional toppings for Asian specialties, such as meat.

In conclusion, different countries must have different tastes. Every country has its own typical pizza, here are each country with its signature pizza.

Pizza from Italy

Talking about pizza, definitely can’t separate from this one country. Italy is indeed the country of origin of the round bread with sauce. Even though this country now has many variants of pizza, they still maintain their original pizza flavor creations, Neapolitan.

Neapolitan pizza is indeed the hallmark …

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