Unique Pizza Variations from Around the World

Pizza is one of the most spreadable foods around the world. In its development, this original Italian food create with various types of toppings, fillings and even the recipe for the dough (pizza bread).

This adjustment is make base on the tongue and local wisdom of each country. In Other country, for example, pizza is make with thick and soft bread dough. There are even those who provide additional toppings for Asian specialties, such as meat.

In conclusion, different countries must have different tastes. Every country has its own typical pizza, here are each country with its signature pizza.

Pizza from Italy

Talking about pizza, definitely can’t separate from this one country. Italy is indeed the country of origin of the round bread with sauce. Even though this country now has many variants of pizza, they still maintain their original pizza flavor creations, Neapolitan.

Neapolitan pizza is indeed the hallmark of Italian pizza. The crust is thin and crunchy, topped with a spread of fresh tomato paste and mozzarella cheese. The tomatoes used are usually San Marzano tomatoes.

A little extra fresh basil leaves on top, this pizza turns into a margherita pizza.

Sicily (Sicily), Italy has a different type of pizza. The pizza is in the form of a box, which is call Sfincione. This pizza is make with a topping of olive oil, cheese and breadcrumbs.

Pizza in Chicago and New York

Both cities in America are big fans of pizza. But both have different characteristics of pizza.

Chicago has a characteristic of pizza with a crust. This pizza is known as a deep dish. The pizza is bake using a round pan with high edges. The pizza bread is not only on the bottom, but also on the edges. The edge itself is about three inches high.

In it, this pizza is usually filled with minced meat, cheese and tomato paste.

Meanwhile, New York-style pizza is actually almost the same as Italian-style Neapolitan pizza. This New Yorker Pizza is characterize by thin, crunchy bread dough filled with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese and grilled with charcoal.

Pizza in Rome

Unlike Italy, Rome has a unique type of pizza. Typical Roman pizza has a white color. This pizza is call pizza bianca.

This pizza does not contain the two main pizza topping ingredients, namely cheese and tomato paste. But this thin white pizza has olive oil and a sprinkling of sea salt on top. Uniquely, this pizza is not sale per slice, but is sale by weight.

Pizza crosses over to Türkiye

Turkish style pizza is call Lahmacun. Previously there was debate about the origins of this pizza. Some say it comes from Armenia, some say Turkey.

But basically, Lahmacun is a kind of pizza filled with either beef or lamb. In addition, the topping is also add with tomatoes, onions and other spices.

Pizza stop in Georgia

Georgia has a pizza variant called Kachapuri. Kachapuri is similar to a calzone. This bread dough is filled with cheese, while on top it is add with eggs and butter.

Pizza in the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan

A typical Japanese pizza variant called okonomiyaki is difficult to compare with the original type of pizza from Italy. This pizza is make of flour dough mix with sliced cabbage, squid, meat and noodles. At the top added eggs. This pizza is eat with Worcestershire sauce

Pizza in France

Tarte Flambee is a pizza from France. This pizza is consider the most fattening pizza because it is serve with extra bacon and cheese.

This pizza originally comes from the Alsace region. Tarte flambee has a thin dough and is topped with onions, fromage blanc, creme fraiche and lardons.

Pizza in the Arab country of Lebanon

This Lebanese pizza is call manakish. This pizza is a type of cold pizza eat at breakfast. This pizza is topped with za’tar which consists of thyme, sesame seed, and sumac. This pizza is also add with meat and cheese.

That is the uniqueness and characteristic of pizza from various nations and countries in the world. Hope it is useful.