The History of Pizza, Starting from Italy to Demand in Many Countries

Food dish pizza originates from Italy. The flat shelled dough balls have been in demand in many countries. The variety of pizza dishes continues to grow.

Citing History Today, foods such as pizza have been eaten since centuries ago. This food is usually served as a simple and delicious dish.


Growing from a pizzeria

The earliest form of pizza, baked raw bread. After baking, the bread is seasoned with a variety of different toppings. Quoting Whats Cooking America, the bread is used as a substitute for plates and utensils for brewing broth or gravy. It is said that the idea of using bread as a plate originated with the Greeks.

Quoting Alto-Hartley, pizza is believed to have originated in Naples, Italy. In 1738, the world’s first pizzeria called Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba was in that city. The restaurant is growing fast because Naples is a tourist city that has many visitors.

Pizza has been growing since 1889. At that time, a chef, Raffaele Esposito, who also owned a restaurant in Naples, made variations to make pizza. According to John Dickie in Delizia!: The Epic History of the Italians and Their Food, Esposito is called the Father of Modern Pizza.

His breakthrough was making pizza with toppings on it. Esposito decorates his homemade pizza by adding mozzarella cheese, basil or basil leaves, and tomato sauce. The combination of the three colors of the materials resembles the Italian flag.

Esposito presented this new style of pizza to the Queen of Italy, Princess Margherita of Savoia. Esposito also gave the name of his pizza as Pizza Margherita. Since then modern pizza began to be developed and varied.

The History of the Emergence of Pizza, Formerly Synonymous with Poverty

Pizza can be found almost all over the world. Pizza is sold from home-made versions to restaurants. Behind the delicious taste that we can feel, there is a story about how pizza can develop and become popular.

The history of the first pizza

History Launching Currently, food such as pizza is said to have been eaten for centuries. In ancient times, there were pieces of flatbread with savory toppings. It is usually served as a simple and delicious meal for those who cannot afford plates. It can also be for people who are on a trip.

This type of pizza appears in Virgil’s Aeneid poem, an ancient Roman attic during the Augustan era. This poem tells about the journey of a Trojan hero in Greek mythology named Aeneas.

He and his men were resting while on a journey. They eat thin wheat bread, plus mushrooms and forest herbs placed on top of the bread. They finished eating the wheat bread and sprinkles.

Seeing this, Aeneas’ son named Ascanius let out a chuckle. He said that they were eating plates. The plate in question is wheat bread.

Then at the end of the 18th century pizza as we know it today appeared in Naples, Europe. At that time Naples was one of the largest cities in Europe.

At the same time, Naples’ population increased. This resulted in many people falling into poverty.

The people who fell into poverty had to survive on cheap food. Pizza is considered according to their economic ability.

At that time pizza was sold by street vendors. Pizza is sold in the form of small pieces, the amount can be adjusted according to the buyer’s request.

Pizza Toppings

The pizzas are also topped with simple toppings of garlic, lard and salt. This topping is adjusted to the cheap price. At first glance about pizza, as a food that is synonymous with poverty.

However, the evaluation of pizza changed after the unification of Italy. Pizza goes up in class It is said that in 1889, King Umberto I and Queen Margherita visited Naples. They are bored with their daily meal of complicated French dishes. They asked the Chef to make local food.

The chef serves pizza with 3 different types of toppings. First, a topping of lard, caciocavallo cheese and basil. Second, the cecenielli topping is a kind of small white fish. Third, pizza with tomato, mozzarella and basil toppings.

The queen likes the third pizza. Therefore, the pizza with the topping is named margherita. The name is in honor of the queen.

Pizza also went up in class, it could be enjoyed by the royal and aristocratic families. Since then pizza has become a typical Italian national dish.

Launching Whats Cooking America, pizza has been a basic part of Italian food since the Stone Age. The earliest form of pizza is raw bread baked under a flint. Once cooked, the bread is seasoned with a variety of different toppings.

Then it is used as a substitute for dishes and utensils for brewing broth or gravy. It is said that the idea of \u200b\u200busing bread as a plate came from the Greeks.

Spread to other areas

The spread of pizza to other areas was assisted by local residents who moved to other areas. They took their food with them, including pizza.

This spread was also accelerated by the war in Italy. Meanwhile, the spread of pizza to America made this country a second home for pizza. Pizza was brought by immigrants from Italy. In 1905, the first pizzeria appeared in New York.

Soon after, pizza spread across the country and underwent changes adapted to local tastes.