4 Ways to Boost Your Food Business Amidst COVID-19

All types of industries have been affected by COVID-19, but the food and beverage sector has been amongst the hardest hit. As well as dealing with disrupted supply chains, many food businesses have been forced to alter or suspend their operations. Any reduction of cash flow can jeopardize your business, so it’s vital to find ways to continue generating income. With these handy tips, you can boost your food business despite the ongoing impact of COVID-19:

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1. Understand Local Restrictions

Many COVID-19 restrictions apply on a statewide basis, but some are implemented in specific regions, towns or neighborhoods. Furthermore, guidance is updated all the time, so it can be hard to keep track of what is and isn’t allowed. However, businesses can face fines for breaching the rules, even if it’s unintentional. By staying on top of your local restrictions and understanding how they apply to your business, you can ensure you comply with relevant guidance, keep your customers safe and avoid unnecessary financial sanctions.

2. Make Your Premises Safer

Every type of business can take steps to make their premises safer with regard to COVID-19. See here for an example of how restaurants and take-outs can reduce the risk of transmission and make customers feel comfortable. Whether you increase the distance between tables, offer a reduced menu to reflect the smaller kitchen staff you’re running on or switch to table-service only, there are numerous steps you can take to modify your premises and your processes.

3. Expand Where You Can

Social distancing is recommended to try and prevent the spread of coronavirus. Ideally, people should stay at least 2 meters away from anyone outside their household. This may mean you need work with a skeleton staff in order to give people sufficient space or move furniture to accommodate the guidelines. If you run a restaurant, café or eatery, this will probably mean you can’t seat as many people as you usually would, which will affect your income. However, if you can add outdoor seating or switch to smaller restaurant furniture, you could safely increase the number of people you can cater for at any one time.

4. Support Your Staff

When you’re running a business amidst a pandemic, it isn’t just your customers you need to worry about. Your staff may be understandably worried about coming into work and will be looking for reassurance from you that it’s safe to do so. Asking staff for safety suggestions, providing them with appropriate personal protective equipment and giving them the support that they need can make the workplace happier, safer and more productive.

What Does the Future Look Like?

The true economic impact of COVID-19 remains unknown, but many businesses are experiencing losses and reduced cash flow due to the pandemic. Sadly, some firms have already been forced to close for good due to the impact of the virus. Now that we know more about coronavirus, however, we are better equipped to prevent transmission. This means that you can take steps to ensure your business can operate safely. By doing so, you can maintain your existing customer base, attract new clientele and continue to be a critical part of your community.