3 Ways To Take Fewer Trips to the Grocery Store

It’s no secret that going to the grocery store is not the trip it once was. From arrows on the floor dictating which direction you can walk down an aisle to unsafe crowding and higher prices, grocery shopping in Oklahoma City is even more trouble now than it was before the pandemic. Sound like something you’d like to avoid? Try these 3 ideas to minimize your trips to the grocery store.

  1. Support Local Farmers

Instead of paying higher prices for sometimes scarce meat, consider supporting a local farmer or cattle rancher. Buying meat products locally can not only help small farms and ranches, like those specializing in Wagyu cattle Oklahoma City, stay afloat in these troubling times, but can also provide you with a higher quality and sometimes cheaper selection of meat. By stocking up now, you can prevent unnecessary trips to the grocery store in the future.

  1. Grow Your Own Produce

You can create a more sustainable supply of vegetables by growing them yourself. Tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini and green beans are a good place to start, as the plants continuously produce fruit if cared for properly. Because of the perishable nature of produce, growing your own can save you many trips to the store throughout the lifetime of your plants.

  1. Stock Your Pantry

When you do visit the grocery store, buy a little extra to have on hand. Some stores still have limits on item quantities, so be mindful of this when you plan out your shopping list. Having a couple more of your normal staple items on hand can prolong your next grocery shopping trip, allowing you and your family to stay safe and well-fed at home!

Grocery shopping today looks different than it did a short time ago. You can take the headache out of feeding your family by trying these 3 ideas to avoid tiresome trips to the grocery store.