Tips On Preparing Meals Ahead Of Time For Those On the Go

Some people do not have the time or money to make their daily meals each day. Sometimes a person has to prep their weekly meals beforehand. Some meal prep companies orlando have some helpful tips on how families can prep their meals ahead of time and still remain conscious of what they are eating.

1)The Timeline

It is important to prioritize the timeline, especially for people who may only have a few hours to prep for the rest of the week. Chris is slicing some veggies for soup. He places them in a pot of water and waits for the pot to boil. Chris could spend his downtime getting the other ingredients ready for the soup.

Chris has to maximize his time while this short window is open.

2)The Pots and Pans

Chris will also save time by reusing the pots and pans he has already used. Chris may use a saucepan for some gravy. He can rinse it off and use it for some veggies later. The point is, Chris should keep the dishes and utensils to a minimum during this meal prep time. Chris can rinse off the spoon he used to stir his sauce and use it for something else.

The Breaking Points

Everyone has a meal that is there their least favorite to make. Chris has to decide which meal that is. Chris may be accustomed to grabbing something quick and easy for one or two meals, but the others he wants to prepare something healthy.

The meals Chris struggles with the most are the meals he needs to focus on his preparation.

The Leftovers

Chris is not fond of leftovers. He will eat them if he has no other choices, but he prefers not to. This is where he will need to get a little creative.

One way Chris can spice things up is by preparing a few things now and the others later. That will also require prioritization that way he makes the most of the time he has. Chris can take some leftover chicken or beef and make a proper stew or soup out of it. Chris will have to add some extra veggies, as well as some other ingredients, but it will work.

Chris could also turn the leftover chicken into some Quesada’s, and refrigerate it the night before.

Your New Best Friend

Chris could prepare several batches of a lot of foods ahead of time, depending on how much food he has at home at the time. Chris can really make use out of his freezer if he has a big one.

First-In, First-Out Approach

There is a tactic they use in the hospital freezers and refrigerators. They label and date everything. The staff will take out the most recent foods first, leaving the rest for some other time. That is where labeling and dating come in handy. Chris could pull what he needs for the next few days and keep the rest for later.

The Dressing

Chris likes to use various sauces for his meals. He has been wanting to experiment with various sauces for a while now, but he has not had the time to do so. One thing he can do is set time aside each week, at the end of the week, to mix the sauces he wants to eat for the next week and store the rest.