Get the Perfect International Dish for Your Wedding Catering

There are so many different cuisines from around the globe and as globalization takes its grip on the world our preferred dishes often come from all corners of the world. Some people will say their favorite dish is a tossup between a green curry from Thailand and Spaghetti Bolognese. Here we have two different flavors from completely different continents. However, the mention of spaghetti Bolognese comes as no surprise as this is a dish that is eaten all over the world but is traditional to Italy.

If you have a wedding and need food catering, and you are expecting people from multiple cultures to be there, then you need to choose a food type that you can be sure everyone will eat. I can quite honestly say that Italian is one cuisine that offers everything.

  • Dishes with pasta and spaghetti
  • Bread and Dips
  • Pizza – you can have a wide selection of flavors
  • Seafood – Popular with most cultures
  • Rice dishes – spicy and non-spicy
  • Meat dishes – Burgers, baguettes
  • Vegetable Dishes – For vegetarians
  • Vegan Dishes – This you would need a special request

If you are going to put on a wedding catering service, then Italian is the one food that you just cannot go wrong with. Now at any wedding where there is going to be a mix of cultures, you cannot satisfy everyone, but Italian food will satisfy 99.9{9a5fe8cc1d917aa0b96e1dc62ee4af13ee381d7a8fc133e45ac6eaae1939991b} of the people coming. For an example of a company that put on a professional food catering service for weddings and other such events see this site: cost catering matrimonio.

Other Popular Foods from Around the World Perfect for Weddings

If you have been tasked with the job of organizing the food, then you need to research the guest list before choosing a food catering company. It could be the bride and groom are both from different cultures. Maybe the bride is Thai, and the groom is a mix culture person between Indian and USA. However, they grew up in New York or Philadelphia in an area with a large Italian population.

The best man is of US Italian descent and so on and so are many of the bride and grooms’ friends. On top of this, you are going to have the Indian side of the family travel to the wedding as well as the Thai side of the family. This would be a truly multi-cultural wedding and your food catering decision is going to quite difficult.

There are plenty of Indian food catering services out there as well as Thai. If the guest list is mostly Italian then go for catering matrimoni prezzi style catering and have them order in the Thai and Indian foods from local companies that deliver. This way you are catering for the majority Italian guest list of friends, and the families that are traveling to the wedding will also have a choice of their native cuisine.

You may be surprised to see the Italian guests digging into the Thai and Indian food, while the Thai and Indian guest try out the Italian cuisine. Bottom line is that the food catering company you hire for the wedding should be able to put on their own cuisine as well as help you organize third-party companies to deliver other foods to be on the spread.