What Do We Eat Tonight – 5 Concepts To Break The Routine

Food is a part of our daily life. Some people spend hours preparing complex and delicious meals every day while others put together three-ingredient dishes to save time. Most people rely on the same dishes, same ingredients, and prepare the same recipes regularly, which can become monotonous and boring after a while. Here are some ideas that can help break the routine:

1. Experiment With a Different Cuisine

Human beings have invested a lot of time and effort in food innovation and preparation. Different regions have developed different cuisines and preferences based on the ingredients available to them. One of the best ways to break food monotony is to experiment with different cuisines.

If your regular diet consists of typical Italian or French fare, why not experiment with Thai, Japanese, or Chinese food every once in a while? Instead of spaghetti and meatballs make fried rice and noodle soup. This will challenge your palette and make the food more interesting.

2. Try a New Recipe

There are thousands of food blogs, shows, and books available today. It’s easy to find a new, interesting recipe that deviates from your normal cooking routine. It’s a good idea to challenge yourself to a new recipe every week to incorporate something interesting into the routine.

For example, if you’re a meat lover, consider experimenting with great vegetarian or vegan recipes just to challenge the palette. If you love fried things, consider experimenting with smoked meat and seared seafood. Testing new recipes is one of the best ways to break the routine.

3. Recreate Restaurant Meals

Recreating restaurant meals can be very challenging, especially if the recipe isn’t available. But this can be a fun way to alter the routine and bring something new to the dinner table. Consider your favorite restaurant meal carefully to determine what ingredients they might have used.

You can also search for different versions of the dish online to get a good idea of what to expect. Start with the simple dishes before working your way up to something exotic like sushi. It’s easy to find ingredients for the most exotic dishes in local supermarkets or online.

4. Create a Roulette Wheel

Want to add something new to your regular meals? Create a roulette wheel with different options for protein, starch, and vegetables. Instead of sticking with the same combinations, switch it up and make things a little unpredictable with the roulette wheel.

You can bring the family into the game too by asking them to spin the wheel or pick an option from each category. Sometimes different combinations can transform the flavor and texture of your regular meals, which can help break the routine. It’s a good idea to keep adding new dishes to this game to switch up the menu.

5. Order Home Cooked Meal

Sometimes it’s just too tiresome to make a meal but you still want something hot, filling, and nutritious. Fortunately, you can order home cooked meals instead of relying on junk food like pizzas or burgers. These meals are ready to eat and leftovers can be stored in the refrigerator for future use.

You can explore different dishes, new cuisines, experiment with vegan or vegetarian options, without having to spend time on meal-prep. This is an ideal solution for people who are too busy to prepare food every day. These meals are balanced and nutritious so they will provide ample protein, vitamins and minerals, and healthy fats to keep you active and healthy.