Typical Brunei Darussalam Food that is Appetizing

Countries in the Southeast Asian region have characteristics and patterns that are almost similar, both in terms of culture, tradition, and culinary. This is one of the reasons why many typical foods from countries in this region have a lot in common.

One example is in the typical food of Brunei Darussalam. Brunei, known as the Petro Dollar Country, has a variety of culinary delights that are heavily influenced by the flavors of Malay cuisine. The typical food of Brunei Darussalam, which is famous for its delicacy, is perfect for tasting while traveling in that country. Moreover, Bruneian cuisine might suit Asian foreign tourists.


Before visiting this country, it would be nice for you to listen to a row of typical Brunei Darussalam foods that can arouse your appetite. Quoting from Chefpencil.com and other sources, along with the reviews.

The majority of Bruneians are ethnic Malays and embrace Islam. From a geographical and cultural point of view, Brunei Darussalam’s special food is heavily influenced by cuisine from neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and others.

Then what are the special foods of Brunei Darussalam that taste delicious and delicious? Here’s the list:


One of the special foods of Brunei Darussalam that must be tasted is ambuyat. This culinary has even become the national food in that country.

Ambuyat is bland sago dipped in gravy. The broth is often called cancah.

This typical Brunei Darussalam food is generally served with other dishes such as fried fish, fern or biring, buyah liver (cow lung), beef rendang and other main dishes.

When you first see it, you might feel that the food is only an appetizer. However, if you have eaten the food it will make you addicted to its delicious taste.

Baked Pulut

The next Brunei Darussalam specialty that must be tasted is roasted pulut. This culinary is arguably unique, because in appearance this food is wrapped in banana leaves.

This snack is made from baked glutinous rice. The banana leaves that are used as wrappers will add a fragrant aroma to the culinary. Baked Pulut is very popular in Brunei as a market snack.

If you are traveling to the country, this dish can be found at a long-established Chinese restaurant called Mei Fang in Tutong, Brunei.

Hati Buyah

If you are looking for unique Brunei Darussalam specialties, then hati buyah is the choice. This food is beef lung that is salted and fried.

This unique culinary has a chewy texture and full of flavor. Usually in big events in Brunei, Hati Buyah is often served together with ambuyat and other main dishes. You can include this culinary in the list of culinary tours later.

Nasi Katok

Brunei Darussalam has rice katok as a popular food menu. Besides the price is quite affordable, the side dishes from the menu are very simple.

Nasi katok contains one portion of rice accompanied by a piece of fried chicken and fried chili sauce. Although it looks simple, this dish has a delicious taste.

Kusoi or Kusui cakes

You might also find this snack called kue kusoi in Malaysia. Even so, the typical food of Brunei Darussalam has its own uniqueness and is a differentiator.

This cake uses anau sugar made from sago or nipa palm sap as a sweetener. Thanks to this sugar, the kusoi cake has a characteristic dark caramel color and a subtle nutty taste.


Kelupi is a typical food of Brunei Darussalam in the form of cakes made from glutinous rice. This culinary is very popular in that country.

Kelupi cakes are usually served in big events such as weddings or something like that. Besides being eaten directly, kelupi can be eaten with other dishes such as dried shrimp and anchovies.


This unique cake from Brunei has a shape like a flying saucer or UFO. The cake is made from rice flour, or corn flour with a little coconut milk.

The cookie dough will then be fried until it is shaped like a UFO. The tanning cake is perfect for serving when the weather is calm. The taste is certainly very delicious with a soft texture.


This food called wajid can be found anywhere in Brunei. Of the many variants, wajid temburong cake is the most sought after. Wajid can actually be found in other Southeast Asian countries.

Conventional wajid recipes usually use sticky rice, but in Brunei they use Javanese rice. Temburong wajid texture is not too sticky and chewy. The dark brown color of this food is obtained from coconut milk and sugar, which are cooked and then mixed with rice.

Those are the recommendations for typical Brunei Darussalam food. You can try to find and taste it while traveling to the country.