Common mistakes when cooking

Whether you are a professional in cooking or you are just starting, the chances are high that you will make mistakes in the kitchen. Your goal should be how to reduce the mistakes so that your dishes will be well-prepared. Here are some of the common mistakes when cooking:

Not having the right ingredients or kitchen equipment

Sometimes you might want to cook something and you did not properly check to confirm that you have all the ingredients and equipment you need to cook the food. Imagine being halfway through your meal before discovering that you have exhausted your kitchen salt or you need a sieve and you don’t have any available at the moment. Hence, it is often important to know every equipment and ingredient you need to make the meal and ensure they are available. You can always patronize Kokkiman after reading reviews about them on Suomiarvostelut when you need to get a kitchen equipment.

Failure to read the entire recipe

You shouldn’t get too excited to start cooking such that you don’t read the full recipe before you start. Some recipes are not written in the right order, and it will be a disaster if you have started cooking and you realize halfway that the ingredients are not complete and you are not following the methods properly. Before you start preparing any dish, ensure that you have all the ingredients and the needed tools.

Using the wrong knife

There are different types of knives for different purposes. Some knives are sharper than the others. For instance, the knife you will use to mince something such as garlic is different from the one you will use to cut a whole chicken. The fact that you love a particular type of knife doesn’t make it an all-purpose tool. To make your work easier, use the right knife for the job. If you are cutting a small piece of food, you can use a paring knife. If you want to slice through bread loaves, a bread knife will do. If you are cutting meat or slicing fruit, you can use a chef’s time.

Working in a messy kitchen

Working in a messy place makes you less efficient and organized, and also exposes your food to contamination.  For instance, if you are working in a messy place, you can easily mistake an unclean liquid for edible liquids such as stock, etc. It will also be helpful if you have a garbage bowl close to your cutting board. You have to drill in yourself the value of keeping your workspace clean before, during, and after cooking.

Putting ingredients in a cold pan

It is advised that you heat oil in your pan before you add the ingredients. Your food shouldn’t touch a cold pan, because the food soaks up the oil and sticks to the pan instead of getting nicely seared. This way, you get to maintain your cookware in a good condition for a long time. However, there are some exceptions such as bacon which you can start in a cold pan.

Overcrowding the pot or pan

When you squeeze too many food ingredients in a pan or pot, the temperature gets lower and the food gets too much moisture, which makes the food get steamed rather than seared. As such, this makes your cooking uneven. To avoid uneven cooking, use the right-sized pan or pot for the food you are cooking. Also, ensure pieces of meat don’t touch one another when cooking them. If it is a large amount, you can consider cooking them in batches. Before eating the meat, allow it to rest for about five minutes.