Why Is British Food Often Perceived To Be Terrible

The internet is flooded with articles, blog posts, and what have you about how terrible British food can be or is. Mostly written by food bloggers in and outside the country. They all agree that British food is bland, spice, and variety compared to its European counterparts. 

Most British would speak out in defense of their cuisine and who wouldn’t?  After all, food is part of people’s culture. Head over to Britainreviews.co.uk for reviews of restaurants offering the best of British cuisine with online options.

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Could the blandness of British cuisine be traced to the colonial conquest of foreign lands? Maybe the addition of foreign elements into British cuisine has caused this too? Perhaps, the spices from China and India are a tard too much for roasted lamb. Could this also be the reason people would search for the best of UK food delivery services online reviews? To find the best reviews of places where to eat a tasty meal in the UK.

Here Are Some Possible Reasons For The Bad Perception.

1. Effects of the Industrialization

The British had a larger population in the cities during the Industrial revolution.  More than any nation at that time. There had to be a way to feed the large working class from the meager agricultural output from the little worked or empty farms left behind by young capable hands. All who had forayed into cities. Food had to be made in its barest form to reach all. No regionality, everyone ate the same thing.

2. Food For The Rich And Food For The Poor

Also, during this Industrial era, the urban poor were left with bland, unimaginative English cuisine. While the rich toasted and treated their taste buds to the finest of French meals, with thoughts of English meals as meant for the poor.

3. The Second World War

During the second world war, the rationing of major supplies happened. With the fear of bombs falling on buildings, most people lived in bomb shelters and how do you fit a kitchen into space as tiny as that. The food had to be as basic and plain as possible. No frills about it, just something to fill up the stomach and get your feet about.

4. Influx of American Food Ideas

Just as the British were settling into a life of eating out more, enjoying the freedom from constant boiling, frying, and making stews, the birth of chain restaurants from America, happened to them. These restaurants offered foreign delicacies that made cooking at home even a waste of time. Why prepare it at home, when you can come to eat it at a restaurant?  Cheeseburgers, burgers, milkshakes all found their ways into British hearts and stomachs.  With chain restaurants, you get the same quality and quantity in all their branches.

Today, Britain boasts of top chefs who have found ways to spice up the cuisine and make it as delicious and attractive as other cuisines, most especially in Europe. But is this still enough to change people’s perception of them?