European Typical Food, From Heavy Food to Snacks 2

Europe has always been a dream destination for almost everyone in the world. Europe seems to offer a variety of interesting natural, cultural and historical attractions to explore. Not only that, Europe also has a variety of typical European food which you certainly shouldn’t pass up.

Culinary in Europe is indeed very diverse and of course offers different delights in each country. Not surprisingly, culinary delights in Europe are also a magnet for tourists from various countries.

Crepes, France

The next typical obligatory food in Europe is Crepes. Maybe you can find many Crepes being sold in Indonesia, but you have to try this dish directly in its country of origin, namely France.

Crepes are pancakes made from flour dough which is added with several other ingredients such as sugar. Crepes are usually served in several variants which are certainly very tempting. So, for those of you who want to try it, you can come directly to the city of Paris where many crepes sellers are scattered all over the city.

Black Pudding, England

Turning to the country led by Queen Elizabeth, you can also find one of the typical foods in Europe that comes from this country. This dish is known as Black Pudding.

Black Pudding is certainly different from pudding in general. In England, Black Pudding is a dish made from pork or beef fat and blood and shaped like a sausage. Black Pudding is a favorite dish for British people because it has good protein, low carbohydrates and high iron. Black Pudding is usually served using spicy seasoning so it tastes more delicious.

Banitsa, Bulgaria

The next must-try food in Europe comes from Bulgaria, namely Banitsa. known as one of the staple foods of the Bulgarian people which looks like pastries.

Banitsa at first glance looks like a pie and has a delicious savory taste. Banitsa is made with the basic ingredients of eggs, cheese and yogurt. When visiting Bulgaria, you will easily be able to find Banitsa in many local bakeries with prices ranging from 20 thousand to 30 thousand rupiah per seed.

Sachertorte, Austria

Austria also has a special dish that you also shouldn’t miss. This dish is called Sachertorte which is also a typical European food which is quite popular and is being hunted by tourists when visiting there.

Sachertorte is a snack that looks like a sponge cake and originates from the city of Vienna, Austria. This Sachertote is a traditional cake that must be present at every Christmas celebration in Austrian homes. Sachertorte is perfect for you to enjoy as a snack or dessert, especially if you are a cake and chocolate lover.

Because it tastes very delicious and is made with the best quality ingredients, the Sachertorte’s price is quite expensive. The price is around 400 thousand per cake, but of course it is worth the taste.

Fried Herring Sandwich, Sweden

The last typical European food is the Fried Herring Sandwich. Fried Herring Sandwich is a typical Stockholm, Swedish dish in the form of a sandwich.

This sandwich is made with garlic, herring, pickles, heavy cream sauce and remoulade. This is because Sweden is very famous for its processed fish, especially herring. This Fried Herring Sandwich can be enjoyed as a breakfast or lunch menu.

So, those are the must-try foods in Europe that you shouldn’t miss. The foods above have a very delicious taste and certainly not easy to find elsewhere. Which food would you like to try?