Know the Forms of Wine Glasses and Have Lovely Wine Glasses Suggestions for Toasts!

Wine or what is also known as wine has a lot of fans, you know! If you are a wine tasting enthusiast, you certainly have to know the right glass to drink it. Come on, take a look at the following wine glass recommendations so you understand better!

Ever heard of the term toast? This tradition is a traditional of drinking wine that begins with a toast. This has become an old tradition, you know.

This tradition has been around since the 6th century. Initially, the tradition was born in Greece. At that time, the wine was still being poured into the jug and after that the toasting process would be performed, only then would the drink be drunk in one go.

A wine glass is a glass used for drinking wine. Because wine is a quality drink, the glass is also quality glass. What are the types of wine glasses? Here’s the review.

White Wine glass

The first glass is a white wine glass or glass for white wine. The glass is slimmer, the stem is longer, the body is more like the letter U. Why is the stem long enough? The reason is because wine is very affected by temperature, including body temperature.

There are several types of this glass such as banquet crystal, twiggy crystal, banquet white wine and so on. What kind of wine can be drunk with this glass? Of course, several types of white glasses, such as suvignon blanc, pinot gris, rose wine and so on.

Red Wine glass

Glasses for red wine have a more rounded shape. The stem is quite small, so many drink it by holding the body of the glass. There are two types of red wine glasses, namely Bordeaux and Burgundy. The Bordeaux glass is intended for drinking red wines such as Cabernet, Merlot and other strong drinks.

Meanwhile, burgundy glasses are made for softer-tasting wines. Not only that, the aroma and taste of wine are really supported by this glass, because of its wide body. The goal is that your nose can “go in” into the glass, to be able to enjoy the aroma.

Champagne Glass (Flute)

The next glass is a champagne glass. This glass is often also called a flute. The top shape is slimmer and the bottom is bigger. The foot of the glass is higher and the higher it gets smaller.

These glasses are made with a much narrower rim, especially when compared to red wine glasses. The reason is that the bubbles from the sparkling wine do not quickly disappear and come out of the glass.

Glass of Rose Wine

Actually, rose wine is often enjoyed with a special glass of white wine. Apparently, there are glasses that are specifically for enjoying rose wine. The bottom of the glass is bulging and even seems to contort. While the top is slightly widened.

Apparently, it was intended to be able to enjoy the strong and distinctive aroma of rose wine. Keep in mind, if you are the type of person who enjoys rose wine by mixing white wine with red wine, this is a big mistake. Even in France it is illegal!

Sherry glass

Have you ever heard of a sheery glass? The characteristic feature of a sherry glass is that the inner vessel is deeper than a regular glass, and is more bulging, while the stem is shorter. This glass is used to enjoy an aromatic drink.

This glass is also called an aperitif glass, which is a liquor that can trigger a desire to eat. This type of liquor is the drink most often served as a meal companion. Besides being aromatic, the alcohol content is usually higher. Therefore, sherry glasses are made to accommodate this.

Each country has a different tradition of toasts. There are similarities such as the drinks used are wine and champagne which are intended for celebration of one success. Meanwhile, beer is for ordinary celebrations.

In certain countries, the leader of the toast is the host, or usually the elder. So, the oldest in a group is usually the leader of the toast. Not only that, usually if someone has the highest position, even though he is not the oldest, he is also used to lead the toast.

What you should avoid is not making eye contact with the toast participants, hitting the spoon on the glass, let alone refusing toast, is very impolite. Plus, if you start drinking liquors before the toast starts, it’s considered very rude.