Who Can Shop at a Commissary?

Because commissaries are considered a benefit for people associated with the United States Armed Services, access to these stores is restricted. These frequently asked questions can help you understand who can shop at a commissary. 

Who Can Shop at a Commissary?

You can shop at your local Pittsburgh commissary if you are on active duty, a National Guard or reserve member, are retired from the military, have a Medal of Honor, are a disabled veteran, or are an authorized family member. The Defense Agency only recently added veterans with service-related disabilities to this list. If you still think you may be eligible to shop at a commissary but are not on this list, the Defense Commissary Agency can provide you with more details. 

Can You Shop There With a Military-Associated Disability?

If you are a veteran with a service-related disability, you can shop at these stores. You will need to certify your disability with the Department of Veteran Affairs first. 

Can National Guard Members Shop There?

Active, inactive, and retired members of the National Guard and reserves can shop at commissaries. However, this may differ with commissaries located in foreign countries. 

Can Honorably Discharged Veterans Shop There?

Individuals with honorable discharges can shop at commissaries. You will need to contact the Department of Veteran Affairs to get certified as a shopper. 

Can Retired Reservists Under 60 Shop There?

When you are under 60 and retired from the reserves, you are considered in the Gray Area. Gray Area retirees can shop at any commissary in the United States and associated territories. However, commissaries in foreign countries may have restrictions for your group