3 Myths About Alcohol

If you own a bar or restaurant, it helps to know as much as possible about alcohol. Whether you are a seasoned owner or new to the scene, here are some of the misconceptions debunked.

Caffeine Makes You Less Drowsy

This is true when it comes to caffeine on its own. Most people use caffeine to pick themselves up in the afternoon. In a bar setting, people may use caffeine to keep them awake and alert while drinking alcohol. The truth is that caffeine does not help offset the effects of alcohol. Instead, it only masks those effects. People may not recognize how drunk they are. For those who want to stay more alert or feel drowsy while drinking, they should drink water, rather than caffeine.

You Have to Finish Wine if You Open It

If you want to apply for an alcohol license Dallas TX bars and restaurants seek, you should know some information about wine. A lot of people believe that you can’t re-cork a bottle of wine. It is true that oxygen can hurt the quality of your wine. An opened bottle of wine can turn into red vinegar. If you cork it after every time that you open it, you can make the wine last for up to three days

Light beer Is the Most Healthy

When it comes to beer, there are a lot of opinions. One common misconception, however, is that light beer is more healthy than the regular option. This isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, most light beers simply have fewer calories than other beer. When it comes to fewer calories, however, it isn’t normally a substantial amount. For instance, some beers may only have 15 calories less than the normal option.

If you’re interested in selling liquor, it can help to know the different misconceptions involved. The more educated you are, the more likely you are to be able to make alcohol sales.