7 List Of The Best Food In The World

7 List Of The Best Food In The World

Traveling to various countries, as well as acquainted with local culture including the country’s special food. No one can refuse to try a variety of typical foods of a country, especially if the food is diverse and delicious. Plus if the price is cheap so safe for expenses. Quoted from CNN, there are 50 food very delicious, CNN version that will make you want and continue to add if eaten:


Rendang, Indonesia

West Sumatra typical food is already so proud of Indonesia. This rendang originally said from “marandang” which means the process of cooking to spend water. This beef is cooked with coconut milk and seasoning typical for 7 hours, the result of beef with a soft texture and savory aroma.

Kari Massaman, Thailand

Asia is rich in spicy food, no wonder if this Massaman curry is very indulgent tongue, this food is a blend of spicy, coconut milk, sweet and savory. Massaman curry is usually served with warm rice or boiled potatoes.

Neapolitan pizza, Italy

The pizza is from Italy, but the most delicious pizza is the simple Neapolitan pizza. The original Neapolitan pizza dough consists of wheat flour, compressed using yeast, sea salt, and water. The dough should be hand-rolled or with a low-speed mixer. Genuine Neapolitan Pizza there are only two types, namely marinara (tomatoes, oil, oregano, and garlic) and margherita (tomatoes, oil, mozzarella or fior in latte, grated cheese, and basil).

Chocolate, Mexican

Maya tribe was already drinking brown from Mexico this. For people who have never tried, will not be able to stop eating. Mexico is one of the best chocolate-producing countries in the world. Chocolate became a favorite and is very popular with the kings of ancient Mexico. It is said that chocolate is the food of the gods.

Sushi, Japanese

Who has never tried sushi? The most famous food from Japan is indeed a favorite of people not just in their home country. Sushi is made from raw fish and rice that is formed small to eat quickly, but more here more and more modifications. Taste? Champion!

Peking Duck, China

Baked in the oven for a long time, plus doused with a sauce that tastes really good. It not only tastes crispy, but it feels really right in the mouth. As if this is the best food ever eaten.

Asam laksa Penang, Malaysia

The road to Malaysia, do not just try the fat rice. Stop by to Penang which is a lot of food that can spoil the tongue. One of the most delicious is the Penang laksa acid which is also included in one of the best foods of CNN. Not only fish broth made from eggs, but a mixture of mackerel fish bone boiled with lemongrass, chili and sour leaves. Plus the sauce that feels special combined with the delicious noodles. It’s different from other foods.