Healthy Breakfast, Benefits of a Healthy Breakfast Menu 2

Despite everything you’ve heard, not everyone needs Healthy Breakfast. Breakfast with the best foods in the morning will keep you more energized throughout the day and keep you from eating too much during the day.

For those of you who can’t start the day without having breakfast, here below are breakfast recommendations in the form of a healthy food menu, such as:

Eggs Healthy Breakfast

As well as tasting delicious, eggs are a very nutritious food. Studies show that eggs are the best food for Healthy Breakfast, because they can make you feel full longer. In addition, consuming eggs in the morning will also reduce the desire to eat too many calories during the day.

The breakfast menu that you can try might consist of 3 scramble eggs and 1.5 white bread. The nutrients you will get from this menu are 22% energy from carbohydrates, 23% protein energy, and 55% energy from fat.

You can easily make omelets or omelettes at home. You can also add various kinds of mixtures in it, such as vegetables, chilies, or onions to make it taste better and tastier. It doesn’t take long to cook this one menu.

Greek Yogurt

Besides being refreshing, yogurt is very healthy and has a very high protein content for Healthy Breakfast, which can fill you up for a long time. Yogurt and other dairy products will also help with weight control because they increase levels of the hormones that make you feel full, namely PYY and GLP-1.


Oatmeal is the best food for Healthy Breakfast, especially for cereal lovers. Besides being rich in fiber and filling you up longer, it turns out that oatmeal also contains high antioxidants, and can reduce blood pressure. In addition, studies have shown that cereals with whole oats can be an effective way of managing mild hypertension (type I).

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are one of the best sources of fiber that you can get on the Healthy Breakfast menu. Every ounce of these chia seeds contains 11 grams of fiber. The high antioxidant content in chia seeds is also able to protect body cells from various free radicals that arise during metabolic processes. In addition, chia seeds have also been proven successful in preventing various dangerous diseases such as atherosclerosis, stroke, diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s).

Healthy Breakfast Smoothies

Various kinds of protein, such as those contained in wheat, eggs, and soybeans, are easily absorbed by the body, if processed into shakes or smoothies for the breakfast menu in the morning. Protein is also able to satiate longer. So, you don’t eat too much afterwards.

Unlike juices, smoothies will help provide more fiber and keep you full longer. It’s also easy to make smoothies: Mix 120 mL of low-fat milk, with 120 mL of orange juice, half a banana, 4-6 frozen strawberries, and 1 tablespoon of flaxseed. Puree it using a blender and enjoy it while it’s cold.


All kinds of fruits are high in vitamins, potassium, fiber, and low in calories. One glass of fruit pieces alone can provide 80-130 calories which is enough to start activities. One of the recommended fruits is banana. Bananas are high in calories (about 105 calories per medium banana), rich in vitamin C, fiber and potassium.

By eating bananas at breakfast, you will get the benefit of a longer lasting satiety effect. The desire to snack will also decrease. The main ingredients of fruit salad are fruits and salad dressing.

However, you can also add yogurt, cheese, nuts, and various other Healthy Breakfast ingredients.

The calories in fruits are low, but you can still get energy from other additives. So, from now on, never hesitate to eat fruit in the morning because it will nourish the body and make a person more enthusiastic about carrying out activities.

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