Make Better Tasting Food with Beer

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Did you think beer was only made to be sipped? As one of the world’s most consumed alcoholic beverages, beer is a satisfying, cooling drink to enjoy no matter the occasion, event, or weather.

Beer makes for one of the most tasty and flavoursome ingredients for cooking and baking.

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Beer can transform ordinary foods into fun and tasty meals. It can be used as a marinade, for roasting, baking, broiling, and can be used as a water substitute when cooking vegetables. As old as beer brewing is, people have been using it to enhance the flavours of their food.

#1: Marinade:

We can use beer as a marinade for meat, fish and other seafood. When you make your marinade with beer, about 85% of the alcohol in the beer will evaporate to leave behind its flavours. Of course, different beer types and styles will create varied flavours. For meats, fish and seafood, experiment with lagers, dark beers, and pale ales as those complement the meat flavours best. For the best results, marinade your beef for over 4 hours in beer before you cook or roast it. This will help the meat keep its juiciness and to absorb as much of the rich flavours from the beer.

You can also use beer instead of water to steam your shellfish. Clams, prawns, oysters, mussels, shrimp, crab and more, will be filled with nutty and fruity flavours from the beer to make for delightful tastes with each bite.

#2: Roasting:

We can use beer for more than a marinade for roasting beef. Many people use beer to tenderize their beef: beer contains certain acids and tannins that help to break down meat fibres to make the beer keep more of its moisture and flavour. Simply pour over the piece of meat, add to the saucepan, and place into the oven for flavoursome beef.

#3: Baking:

Baking with beer makes for fun food. The most obvious food to bake with beer is bread. Instead of water, substitute it with beer. It helps to lift the bread, and it adds a satisfying flavour and softness to the bread.

#4: Cooking:

You can cook with beer with too. For example, you can use beer instead of water when cooking rice. When the alcohol burns off in the cooking process, it leaves a rich flavour to transform bland rice into tasty fluffs. The bolder the beer, the richer the taste of the rice. The rice will also increase in size greater than when cooked with water.

Cooking with beer can also be healthier for you. A bottle of beer has less than 200 calories, is fat-free and low in cholesterol. It also contains less than 1% of your recommended daily sodium intake. Also, beer is filled with nutrients, minerals and vitamins.