Simple Tricks to Improve Your Hostess Skills Anyone Can Master

We probably all can picture perfect hostesses that we have known throughout our lifetimes. While most believe that this skill takes special cooking talents or a degree in interesting conversation methods, the reality is that those that we admire for being always ready to welcome an unexpected guest with warm homey food while displaying engaging dialogue abilities able to keep the conversation always light and flowing are typically just ordinary individuals who have learned the secret of legendary hostesses from bygone eras. With some thought, small efforts and a curious determination to learn, it is possible to improve your current hostess skills with simple tricks that anyone can master. 

Just like popular restaurants are generally known for one or a few distinctive dishes, most good cooks also begin their reign this way too. Instead of worrying over every meal, focus on those specialty dishes that you can use to display your cooking skills. Oftentimes, these dishes are less complex to put together than others would ever imagine. Many American cooks tend to create home-cooked meals that feel warm and welcoming to invited guests. There are many helpful and easy-to-follow cook books with step-by-step recipe portions and realistic pictures of the completed foods. 

Another simple trick that famed hostesses use is to freeze portions of their cooked foods for easy access to whipping together a meal when unexpected company arrives. For those without many cooking skills, carefully purchasing prepared foods that can be upgraded with last minute detail additions to make the food appear and taste like home-cooked dishes and treats is a great way to prepare for drop-in company without spending much time, effort or money. Those newer, ready-made cookie dough packages and various frozen entries are fantastic examples of creative cook ideas that can have you ready with “freshly-baked” concoctions that you can add toppings, garnishes and other personal touches to and offer to your guests on your own serving dishes in just minutes. 

Small but important detail examples for creating an enjoyable and memorable visit for your guests include providing specialty hot or cold drinks like tasty alcoholic beverages and your favorite coffee or tea flavored varieties served in steaming hot mugs, delicate tea cups or fancy drink glasses. This can be much easier than someone would think by purchasing specialty beverage makers and name-brand prepared drink mixes like starbucks k cup pods or ready-made mixed drink ingredients often easily found at your local grocery store. 

Gracious cooks from generations past knew how to stretch a meal to serve extra company without needing to perform much extra dinner preparations. This can be as simple as adding a big specialty salad or throwing together a filling side dish to expand your food offerings. For easy lunchtime treats, try creating fancy sandwiches with tasty on-hand condiments and homemade or deli bread, meats and cheeses. Other characteristics of revered hostesses include a welcoming environment that can be as simple as lighting scented candles, using beautiful serving sets and providing comfortable seating.