3 Things You Should Never DIY for a Wedding

In many cases, doing things yourself for your wedding can save you a lot of money, but sometimes hiring a professional is well worth the price. Here are three things you shouldn’t DIY for your wedding.

1. The Bartenders

You may think it would be cheaper and easier to set out a cooler full of alcohol or ask a friend to pour drinks, but that isn’t usually the case. Bartending services for weddings near me have a lot of expertise that can save you money. First of all, they are familiar with alcohol serving regulations in your area and will know how to get the proper permits to avoid fines. Secondly, they are experienced in estimating the amount of alcohol you will need, which prevents you from over buying.

2. The DJ

If you think that hooking your laptop up to a speaker and letting a playlist play during your reception will be good enough, think again. Hiring a DJ ensures that the special songs you’ve picked will be played at the right times and that song transitions flow nicely. They also help read the room and keep the party going by carefully selecting the songs they play. Most DJs will also serve as an MC for the event, which helps keep everything on track and lets your guests know what’s going on.

3. The Photographer

Your wedding day will come and go, but the pictures you take will last forever. A lot of people choose to ask a friend or family member to take photos of the wedding due to the high costs of wedding photographers. Unless your loved one is an experienced wedding photographer, it’s best to hire a pro. Looking back, you’ll be so grateful that you splurged and got professional photos taken that you will be happy to display and look at for the rest of your life.

Hiring these three services rather than trying to do it yourself will make your special day run much smoother.