How To Choose the Right Home Care Agency

There comes a time in many people’s lives when they must consider home care for elderly or incapacitated loved ones. When it happens, there are often competing emotions and other stressors. As you work through these issues, one thing stands out as most important: You want your loved one to have the best care possible.

Ask Questions

How do you find the best care possible for your loved ones who wish to stay at home? By asking questions. Here are eight questions to think about as you determine the best course of action and begin to contact potential agencies.

  1. Is the agency licensed by the state?
  2. Is it managed by healthcare professionals?
  3. Does the agency employ certified nursing assistants?
  4. Do its home health aids have a background in nursing?
  5. Can client-specific care, such as walking for exercise or attending certain functions, be provided?
  6. Are the costs for home care reasonable and flexible?
  7. What is the spectrum of companionship services offered? For example, can the home aids provide shopping and help with meal planning?
  8. Can you get a recommendation from a friend or relative?

Narrow Down Your Selection

Initially, when you begin your research for a home care agency Westchester County and environs, you’ll find that there are many home care service firms from which to choose. By using the questions established previously, you’ll be able to narrow down your search rather quickly. You’ll probably end up with 1 to 3 top contenders for your loved one.

Trust Your Gut

The final step in the selection process is to trust your intuition. Did you get a warm and caring response to your concerns and questions? Or, was there something in the agency’s response that was less than you would expect for your special person? The answer to each of these last questions will lead you to the best choice.

Choosing a home care provider for your loved one can be a difficult decision. By carefully researching potential agencies and paying attention from moment to moment, you can make a decision you’ll feel confident in for years to come.