Why You Should Consider a Trip to Egypt this 2020

egypt holiday

Do you have a special trip to Egypt in your plans for 2020? Are the mysterious tombs and eldritch pyramids something you dream of seeing? Would you be interested in enjoying the finest foods, sailing on the Nile with an Egypt cruise holiday or glimpsing the death mask of King Tutankhamun? There is no reason to place this trip off any more and many reasons to make 2020 the year you visit Egypt.

Here are some of the top reasons an Egyptian Vacation is a great idea.

1. An Egypt Vacation is Not Too Costly

The primary concern for those planning a trip is always the costs involved with travelling and arriving in a distant land. These costs are always greater in those areas that are further away and airfare prices move in one direction only, up. But, you will find that a trip to Egypt is a cost-effective trip that fits every budget plan.

Whether you are planning a budget trip to Egypt, or planning a luxurious tour of this amazing country, your costs will be greatly reduced here. You will find Egypt vacation packages are accessible and even a luxurious vacation will not cost nearly as much as it would in another city like New York or Paris. Use these price breaks to your advantage and plan a memorable vacation, a luxurious vent will cost as much as a mid-range adventure in many other countries.

2. Egypt’s Warmer Climate is Perfect Year-Round

Do you like the heat? Egypt’s warm balmy climate is just for you. You can expect the temperature to drop in the winter and even as far down as 40° F in some areas. But this is a great way to explore the tombs, temple pyramids and other sites without succumbing to heat stroke. But, if you can’t make a winter vacation have no fear. Summer vacations in Egypt can be just as enjoyable and you will find that tour groups and services know how to accommodate their guests and provide the greatest value for their time here.

3. Egypt is Full of Fascinating History

Egypt is a bountiful treasure trove of culture at the crossroads of three continents and history attracts people from far and wide. The culture and history of Egypt could not be fully learned if you lived here a lifetime. You don’t even have to be a huge history buff to enjoy the tales and legends in this amazing country.

4. A Nile Cruise is a Once in a Lifetime Experience

How about sailing down the Nile in the utmost luxury? Think of a beautiful ship complete with room service and a pool. You will be able to watch the sunset over the desert and view fascinating little villages that have changed little over the past century. Then there is nothing like getting a timeless glimpse of ancient temples and modern cities rising out of the desert as you float majestically by.

5. Egyptian Food is Delicious

Because of its excellent geographical location, Egypt is the melting pot for the best cuisines throughout time. You can expect plenty of veggie dishes along with your favorite meats like chicken, duck, rabbit and pigeon. If you are fortunate to travel to many coastal regions you will find a celebration of seafood like none other.

6. Egypt is a Great Scuba Diving and Beach Destination

There are three important coastal cities in Egypt, Sharm el Sheikh, Dahab and Hurghada. You will find a similar selection of activities in all three cities but the vibe and tone will be very different. In Sharm el Sheikh you will find a more luxurious setting with upscale resorts. Hurghada is a popular destination for cruise ships and Dahab is a place for the laid back. No matter where you go, you will be sure to find plenty of opportunities to snorkel scuba dive and engage in a wide range of other water sports and swimming with sharks.

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